The Importance of Career Services

At PIHT, we take pride in the services we offer our students. One of these services and arguably the most important is our career services. We work tirelessly to create employment opportunities for our students and alumni.

Being involved in the community is an important element of our career services program.  Our Career Management Director regularly visits employers as it lets her know who is hiring.  We are also involved with the Fayette Chamber of Commerce where we get to network with other members and learn about the new happenings in the community.  Being involved with the local Career Link office and attending career fairs is also important for career services.

PIHT Career Prep

Another part of our career services program is our Career Prep Class. As part of the career prep class at PIHT, students are required to complete 25 job searches. A majority of the students get hired via this job search.  This job search teaches students soft skills such as reaching out to the employers and asking them if they received their job applications and how to speak professionally to an employer.

We also teach our students how to put together a cover letter. We teach our students that when writing a cover letter they should read the company’s missions statement and be clear about the position they are applying for. We encourage students to use key words within the cover letter that the job description has mentioned along with key words from the company’s mission statement.

We also touch on how to make a good impression. A sharp appearance shows that you are poised, polished, and prepared. Dressing professionally for a job interview is very important as it presents a visual image and sends a message that you are a professional.  When you are dressed professionally it shows the employer that you take the interview seriously and that you feel confident.

In career prep class, we also teach students how to prepare their portfolios.  They should have extra copies of their resumes, cover letters, and references. We also cover the post-interview procedures such as sending a thank you note either via email or note immediately after the interview.

A unique offering at PIHT is that we offer a lifetime of career services. A student who graduated 10 years ago who may have lost their job or may have chosen to leave their job can call PIHT. We will set an appointment with them and review their resume and cover letters and help them find a new career!