Student Highlight – Kimberly Sapp

KimWhen asked why she chose Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology, Kimberly said “when I visited the school it didn’t make me feel like I was in a box, so to speak. It had windows and was bright, unlike some of the other schools where I am pretty sure they outlawed windows.”


For Kimberly, PIHT has the exact program she was looking for with a family friendly schedule. She has always loved working in an office, so she wanted to pursue a degree in Medical Office Administration. “Working in a business setting often involves sales. I simply didn’t want to be a sales person anymore but wanted to keep doing everything I loved about working in an office.”


So far, the teachers have been great and are one of her favorite things about the school. They make the material understandable, and her good grades are proof of that. Since it has been 10 years since Kimberly was in school, she thought she had forgotten everything, but the teachers at PIHT have brought it right back out of her.

Kimberly has a strong support system, with her husband at the top of the list. Kimberly shares, “he wants to see me succeed and not just so I’ll go get a job. He wants me to feel great about myself and what I am doing. When it’s time for school work, he takes charge of the house and the kids, and I don’t have to worry about a thing. I’m so lucky because I wouldn’t have had the courage to go back to school without him.”

Kimberly would like to thank everyone at PIHT for making her feel welcome and for helping her achieve her goals!

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