Student Event Club

 Autism_awareness_ribbon_fiThe Student Event Club at Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology is made up of 19 active members. As a group, they have decided to support Autism Awareness by hosting multiple fundraisers at the school.

In order to raise awareness, school events being held throughout March and April will benefit the Autism Awareness cause. So far, scheduled events include a Mardi Gras Party, Walking Taco Sale, and a Bake Sale. In addition, club members will be selling bracelets and keychains with proceeds going towards the fundraiser.

The goal of the Student Event Club is to give back to the community. All current members feel very passionately about helping others and encourage anyone interested in being part of their team to join this club.  If any student is interested in joining the PIHT Student Event Club, see the Career Management Director, Gina Roman.