Staff Highlight – Kathy Smitley

kathy smitleyKathy Smitley is currently the Front Desk Office Manager here at Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology.

Kathy’s favorite part of working at PIHT is meeting all the girls in the office and meeting all the new students.  “I really enjoy learning all their names and hearing their stories” says Kathy. 

“I have also enjoyed learning all the new programs. This is a total career change for me and I am eager to learn more as time goes on. I love helping other people and am willing to help anyone who needs me,” says Kathy.

When not in the office, Kathy’s favorite things to do are spend time with her husband and children. She has two daughters, Morgan and Breanna and her husband has one daughter, Jessie. “I was a single mom for 17 years of their life and I am very happy with the way they have turned out,” says Kathy.  She also has six grandchildren – Rain, Talon, Olivia, Jorja, Jaysin and Jaxon – and two dogs, a Pit Bull and Jack Russell.  

Kathy says, “We love to camp and have a place at Big Bear in West Virginia.  We also love to ride the Harley and go to concerts.”  She likes to read anything by James Patterson because he is her favorite author, but she reads other books as well.  Kathy also loves to spend time with her friends and going to dinner with her husband.