Requirement: Healthcare Professionals Must Provide Quality Patient Care

With an increasing percentage of healthcare employment expected to grow through the year 2018, it is important for those entering the field to remember the famous ‘Lady with the Lamp’, Florence Nightingale. Her strong care and compassion were demonstrated with her nursing care during the Crimean War where she tended to soldiers both day and night, thus landing her nickname.

Nightingale provided passion and expanded the nursing profession by providing a sound collection of values from which all nurses now practice. Nurses have strong beliefs in human dignity, equality of all patients and the desire to prevent suffering.

A successful employee in the healthcare field should follow those original characteristics, instilled in healthcare professionals by Nightingale, but should also embrace a hunger to do more…to be a critical thinker, to offer compassion, to be honest and to communicate effectively to patients and other healthcare professionals.

Healthcare professionals must also remember their vital role, which is caring for their patients. They are truly the critical link to the safety and quality of life to their patients. Healthcare professionals are to remain true to their profession and to be their patient’s advocate.

We have the ability to provide quality care and to protect our patients from harm, whether physical or emotional. As healthcare professionals, we must continue to research, to become more knowledgeable in our field every day and to deliver the most quality care possible for our patients.

Pam Hughes
Practical Nursing Coordinator
Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology

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