Here’s How Medical Office Administration Students Can Continue to Sharpen Their Skills

Medical Office Administration

Looking for worthwhile ways to boost your abilities while you’re in our Medical Office Administration program or after you’ve graduated? PIHT’s got a number of key points to remember.

Utilize Social Media to Your Advantage in Healthcare

Social media is a great way to get helpful information quickly and for free! Since you’re probably already on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, why not take full advantage of what these sites have to offer while you’re there?

By following hashtags such as #medicalnews and #healthcareadministration, you can discover great blogs and sources to use to sharpen your skills or even make some new friends who are on the same journey as you are!

Get Engaged in Networking Events

One of the best ways Medical Office Administration students can stay sharp and on top of their game is by getting out there, engaging in events and networking.

The PASNAP (Pennsylvania Association of School Nurses and Practitioners) offers a valuable list of local events in the area that you may be interested in to help you make connections with nurses, practitioners, and other professionals.

Another easy way to start networking is by joining groups and national organizations, such as the American Association of Healthcare Administration Management, to find out about special events and networking opportunities.

Establish Connections with Peers and Professors

LinkedIn is not only a great tool when searching for a career after graduation, but beforehand as well. By connecting with your peers, instructors, and your program’s alumni, you can create a great database of people who can help you meet others, learn about opportunities, find jobs, and much more!

And if you didn’t know, PIHT has its own LinkedIn group for alumni – check it out here!

Subscribe to Medical Magazines, Journals, and Blogs

With articles on everything from industry trends to medical advancements available, blogs and magazines are great resources for helping you stay sharp and in the know on what’s happening in the medical world.

A few magazines and journals we recommend checking out include:

Here are some online blogs you may like:

Who Is PIHT?

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Whether you are a mom looking to advance your career, a young adult right out of high school eager to begin your future, or someone with an established career looking to revamp your skills to keep up with industry changes, PIHT is here for you!

We are dedicated to maintaining the small campus feel that many students desire, providing an environment where you’ll receive the personal training and attention you deserve. We also offer a variety of financial resources to help our students along the way.

At PIHT, we provide three great program options for students in Pennsylvania:

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