Medical Office Administration Program Highlight

1. What kind of skills do students learn in this program?

Students will gain hands-on experience as a Medical Office Assistant. Upon graduation, medical office students will be proficient in medical terminology, pharmacology, anatomy and physiology, medical insurance, coding, and billing. They will also be able to navigate through electronic health records, spreadsheet applications, and all aspects of Microsoft Word.

MOA Students learning skills

2.  Which certifications can your students earn and why are they important?

Upon graduation, students will be able to earn their National Certified Medical Office Assistant certification through NCCT, a nationally recognized credentialing organization.

3. What are some characteristics that successful students in these programs possess?

Characteristics that students should possess to become successful in this field are being dependable, motivated, independent, goal-oriented, and to have, above all, superior interpersonal skills and communication.

4. Why is the externship important to the students’ education experience and how should students prepare for their externship?

Externship is a vital component to a student’s education, success, and growth. It provides the student with hands-on experience in real life situations, that enables the student to become more confident in their role as a medical office assistant.

Students are prepared for their externship throughout their entire curriculum. At PIHT, we pride ourselves on educating and equipping our students with the knowledge and experience through skills that cannot be seen on a resume. We believe that punctuality, quality of work, effort, critical thinking, time management, communication, participation, and teamwork are just as important as the technical education they receive at the campus. These vital components are crucial in obtaining an externship and keeping it.

5. What kind of career can graduates expect when they finish the program?

Graduates can expect different career opportunities upon completion and graduation from their program of study.

6. Why would you recommend that students consider going into this type of field?

As the healthcare industry continues to grow, so will its demand for allied health professionals. There is job security in the medical field, as well as a continuous opportunity to learn and grow.

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