Marley Kamp – Student Highlight

Marley Kamp

Marley Kamp attended Allegany College of Maryland and earned an associate degree in medical assisting.  She had a great experience on campus and enjoyed the staff.  As she was getting ready to graduate, she decided to further her education and pursue a nursing career.  She had been a feeding assistant then a certified nursing assistant since the age of 17, and always knew she wanted to become a nurse.

Up and to the time of graduation, she researched schools to attend in both Maryland and Pennsylvania.  She came across PIHT online and was drawn to all the positive reviews from students, the pass rate for the nursing program, and the small class sizes PIHT offers.

For Marley the best part of PIHT is the small class sizes that are available.  She doesn’t feel lost in the crowd at PIHT.  The family-oriented environment with classmates and instructors provides a positive learning experience.  She also loves the hands-on opportunities she receives on her clinical rotations by performing procedures, administering medications, and assessing patients.  Marley describes her favorite class to be her medical/surgical lab.  She explains that the transition of learning in the lab to applying them at the clinical site is seamless.  She further explained that med/surg lab is very hands on which provides a solid foundation at the clinical site.  Marley described her lab instructors, Amy and Courtney, as always there and available to help and answer questions without any discouragement.  She says the learning environment is patient, positive, and supportive.   Her favorite instructor is Amanda.  She describes Amanda as very approachable and willing to help above and beyond.  Marley loves her teaching style and how she breaks the material down, ensuring her students understand.

Marley’s ideal job is in the fast-paced and split-second decision-making world of trauma nursing.  Her five-year goal is to further her education to become an RN, own her own home, and to have an established career in trauma.

Marley would recommend PIHT to friends and family.  PIHT stands to a very high standard in not only lecture, lab, and clinical, but also, encouragement, support, and real-life preparation for a career in nursing.