Marcy Landman – Practical Nursing Clinical Coordinator

Marcy Landman

Marcy Landman is the Practical Nursing Clinical Coordinator at Pennsylvania Institute of Technology and teaches Pharmacology, Practical Vocational Nursing, and Anatomy Lab within the Practical Nursing program. She earned her Associate of Science in Nursing from Penn State University. Once she completed her ASN, she entered an accelerated program to earn her BSN. She did not stop there, as she earned her Master of Science in Nursing with a minor in Family Nurse Practitioner from Carlow University.

Prior to working at PIHT, Marcy worked as a staff nurse at Highlands Hospital and worked in home health. When she came to PIHT, she started out as a part-time clinical instructor. As she advanced her education, she began teaching in the classroom. When asked why she chose PIHT,  Marcy said “The people working at PIHT are amazing. I wanted to work in an environment where everyone is a team player. Working in a supportive environment can make even the most difficult days go a little smoother.” Her favorite part of working for PIHT is the people she gets to work with.

One of Marcy’s biggest motivators is her family. She is most proud of the fact that she never thought she would achieve the level of education she has received, and that she can be a role model for not only her children but also those whose lives she impacts within the nursing program.

When asked what is the most interesting thing about herself that no one would know, she replied, “She is one of the few that have been a part of the PIHT nursing program since the very first nursing class. She has not only been able to watch the program grow and change but has contributed to its continuing evolution.”