Maggie Bingaman – Student Highlight

Maggie Bingaman received the honor of being named PIHT’s Student of the Month. She is a very compassionate and thoughtful nursing student who is set to graduate in September of 2019. Maggie has had a long journey before reaching this moment.

Before attending PIHT, she attended Thiel College of Greenville, PA for religious studies. She enjoyed her time while she was there. After she left, she realized that there were not many career opportunities for somebody with a religious studies major. She had to think outside the box to determine how she could use her education and love for helping people to good use.

Maggie Bingaman - Student Highlight

Maggie figured out how she would make use of her talents after talking to co-workers while she was working as an aid in Ligonier, PA. After a few conversations with two LPNs who both graduated from PIHT, she decided she wanted to check out the program. When she arrived for her appointment, she liked the small environment. Kathy Coddington, the Admissions Advisor was “really bubbly and fun. She made everything sound awesome.”

To this day Maggie has yet to be disappointed by the school and staff. When asked what her favorite thing about attending PIHT is, she said, “The instructors! Everyone is really knowledgeable and willing to share their knowledge and personal experiences whether they were good or bad. They teach both real-world and NCLEX world. It is a combination of learning, but having fun while you are doing it.” Maggie has already referred friends to PIHT. “I really enjoy being here. You get to see a lot at the clinical sites because they are so diverse. It is a great environment to learn in. No instructor looks down on you. They do everything they can to help you succeed. There is such a strong bond here and everyone is so kind.”

Maggie’s favorite teacher is Amanda Hiltabidel. Amanda teaches Medical-Surgical I & II, which are also Maggie’s favorite courses. Maggie said, “Amanda is so into what she is teaching. It is really dense material, but she makes it fun. It is neat to see the things she teaches in med-surg, and then I go to work or clinical and can pick up on things I couldn’t before.”

Given Maggie’s personality, character, and background, it is no surprise that her goal is to become a hospice nurse. She has worked with hospice patients at her current job and she prides herself on being able to contribute to making them as comfortable as possible.  She hopes that in the next five years, she is married, with a family, and making an impact within the nursing profession. She hopes to provide more education and understanding of what hospice is and how it is beneficial. She hopes to make an impact and provide comfort for patients and families. PIHT is proud to have Maggie as a student and a future alumnus. We cannot wait to see what she does in her career!