Kristen Grimplin – Student Highlight

Kristen Grimplin

Kristen Grimplin attended Penn State-Fayette Campus after graduating high school. She was an active student for a year and a half, had a wonderful experience on campus, and loved the staff. Although she did not complete her education, she will be forever grateful for the opportunity and education obtained. Without that experience, she would not be the person she is today.

After leaving Penn State, Kristen took several months to gather her thoughts. She took a step back and decided to restart at step one. She did not know where to go, or what she wanted to do, she slowly became more active in researching schools and potential career paths. That’s when she looked into PIHT and scheduled an appointment. As soon as she walked into the office and spoke to Kathy Coddington, Kristen knew PIHT was the right path. She liked the overall structure of the school and the student/teacher ratio. She loved that PIHT was family oriented and participated in holidays and special events.

Kristen has always been interested in the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Ever since she was a little girl, she always loved helping and taking care of people. Kristen knew that she wanted to be in the medical field, but since this field is so broad, she did not know what direction to go. She job shadowed in several areas, from ultrasound to dental hygiene, but nothing captivated her attention until she learned about medical assisting. Kristen loves how versatile medical assistants are. They are trained in taking vitals, conducting visual acuity tests, phlebotomy, immunizations and vaccinations, electrocardiograms (ECG’s), and attaining and maintaining surgical asepsis. These examples are just the beginning of what a medical assistant can accomplish in the medical field.

Kristen loves all of the social and holiday events that are held at PIHT. Kristen loves seeing everyone dress up and participate in the annual Halloween costume party. She is very thankful that the staff took time and supplied the students with amazing food on Thanksgiving. She loves the spirit week events during Christmas, especially the door decorating contest.

Kristen does not have a favorite instructor. She believes all of the staff are amazing and intelligent. Her favorite class is her clinical. She loves learning about the human body, and how it functions. She loves being hands-on and performing and learning new tasks. Kristen does not really have an ideal job in mind yet. She is split between a hospital and a physician’s office.

In five years, Kristen would like to have an apartment or house and a stable job that she loves. Kristen wants to enjoy life, be happy, and smile every day.

Kristen would definitely refer PIHT to a family member or friend. Everyone at PIHT treats you like family. As soon as you walk into these doors, you feel welcomed and loved. “You grow through what you go through,” and with the help and support from the PIHT staff, Kristen has found what she loves. Kristen found her career!