Jade Bendishaw – Instructor Highlight

Jade is a PIHT alumnus turned instructor!

Before attending PIHT, Jade worked and helped manage her family’s restaurant business for several years. After its closure, she worked at other various restaurants until she decided to return to school.

PIHT Student of the Month July 2019

While at PIHT, Jade earned an Associate Degree in Specialized Business and Medical Assisting and after graduation, passed her certification to become a Nationally Certified Medical Assistant. She did not stop there. Jade came back to PIHT and joined the 2016 graduating class of practical nurses. She then passed her NCLEX exam with flying colors and is now a Licensed Practical Nurse. Jade did not stay away long. She realized she had a passion for teaching others and decided to come back to PIHT as an allied health instructor, teaching future medical assistants and medical office administrators. She became a certified postsecondary instructor within her first year of teaching. Jade teaches a variety of medical classes such as insurance, coding, and clinical labs. Jade is currently attending Westmoreland County Community College, working toward earning her associate degree as a Registered Nurse.

Jade chose to work at PIHT because she enjoyed the environment as a student and has always enjoyed helping other students. Seeing students succeed with the education she gives them is very rewarding to her. Her favorite part about working at PIHT is that everybody is like one big family. She stated, “Everyone gets along well and works together as a team. We provide an educational yet fun atmosphere for each other and our students.”

Jade’s biggest motivators are her children and fiancé. She wants her children to grow up and know that she made something of herself, and that with hard work, anything is possible. If she could tell her children anything, she would say, “Always follow your dreams and reach for the stars.”

Jade is most proud of what she has accomplished. She never imagined returning to school, but she did, and that took a lot for her to do.  Her long-term career goal is to obtain her Baccalaureate in the Science of Nursing and would like to eventually work in trauma.

Jade considers herself a thrill-seeker, which not a lot of people know about her. She likes adventures and trying new things. In her free time, she enjoys riding her RZR and hanging out with her family and friends.