Hayley David – Student Highlight

Hayley David is a Medical Office Administration student at Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology. Before attending PIHT, Hayley was working in daycares and nannied for a local family. The children she was taking care of started kindergarten, so it was the perfect time for her to begin a new career. Hayley started her studies at a local community college for a short period however soon realized that is was not the best fit for her due to large class sizes, long hours and she struggled with not be able to talk to the teachers on a more one on one basis.

Realizing that community college was not working for her educational needs, Hayley decided to enroll into PIHT. After speaking with an admission representative, she realized that she wanted a career quickly and didn’t want to spend four years in school before entering the medical field. At PIHT all of the classes were within the medical area, were small and personable and didn’t require time wasted on non-medical related electives. Hayley enrolled in the Medical Office Administration program because she was not interested in the clinical side of healthcare but wanted to focus on working within a medical office and interacting with patients on a different level.

Hayley stated, “One of my favorite parts of attending PIHT is the amazing staff! No matter what the situation staff like my favorite instructor Kelli Workman are willing to take time out of their day and ensure you understand what you are doing. The staff provides real-life experiences while teaching instead of just standard lecture which helped with applying the information to a real-world career.”

Hayley enjoys PHIT so much that she has already referred friends to the campus because the eighteen-month program goes by so quickly and she is looking forward to starting her new medical office administration career. Hayley’s ideal job is to work in a pediatrician’s office and within five years to work for an established business, have a long-term career, become married and start her own family.