Employee Highlight-Roxanne Seaton

PIHT students are required to take just a few general education courses in their curriculum. These important classes are needed to be well rounded. That is where General Education and Computer Instructor, Roxanne Seaton comes in.

Roxanne is currently working on her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction at WVU.. She started completing her Bachelors in Science Education. Then moved on to her Master’s degree at WVU where she studied foreign language (French Literature and TESOL (ESL/English Literature). She has previously been a French 1 and 2 instructor for WVU. She has also spent time as an English instructor at Lycée Des Métiers Nicolas Appert- Orvault in Nantes, France. Roxanne has also had experience as a District Sales Manager of Training for AVON, New York. As well as WVU Evansdale Library Circulation Department representative.

When asked what her favorite part of teaching at PIHT would be, Roxanne stated “PIHT is an exceptional place to work. It blends efficiency and professional excellence with unparalleled support. In addition, there is a friendly, family-like atmosphere that makes coming into the campus extremely pleasant.”

There are a lot of factors that can affect ones’ motivation. For Roxanne she is most motivated by the students and staff at PIHT. She states, “It’s hard not to strive to do one’s best when you see your peers do the same. As for the students, I don’t think they realize the impact that they have on our lives and how their success motivates us to give them more than the minimum. They challenge me to be better teacher and I hope that I live up to their expectations.”

A perfect day for her is when “everything just clicks” in the classroom. It is important that the students not only understand the lesson, but also understand why the lesson is important. The cherry on top is when the student enjoys the presentation of the objectives.

We thought for the instructors it would be interesting to know the types of books that they are reading in their free time. Roxanne, as you would imagine having a background in English had a hard time only coming up with one. So she broke it down into two categories, scholarly and amusement. For her scholarly reading she chose Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls written by Dr. Mary Pipher. Though it discusses female adolescents, it also can apply to males. I have three daughters and a son, so I have found this book invaluable.

For amusement she reads Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkein. This trilogy was gifted to her by her father along with the Hobbit for Christmas when she was ten years old. She read it yearly into her 30s and has even taken a school class on it. She enjoyed the way Tolkein created a mythology for Great Britain and the descriptions have stayed with her throughout the years.

An easy question for Roxanne is what she is most proud of. Without a doubt she chooses her children. Roxanne says, “My children are amazing individuals. Each has something special but they all share a few qualities of which I am proud. They are kind, dedicated, and smart. There is nothing that makes me more proud than knowing I helped to guide them into adulthood.”

No matter who you are, it is always important to have long term goals. For Roxanne hers is to finish her doctorate. She also has been toying with some different book ideas. “In essence, to be happy one needs to have something to do, have something to love, and have something to look forward to.”