Career Management Services

We understand that your goal in attending our institution is a successful, fulfilling career.

Our programs are designed to meet the current and future demands of employers in your area. Graduates are well-prepared to enter the workforce with practical training and hands-on experience. In fact, it is not uncommon for our students to secure jobs before they even graduate!

Each student completes a specialized course in career management. This course equips you with the tools needed for job searching, interviewing, obtaining and managing a career.

Upon graduation, our students possess a professional portfolio that demonstrates their training and professionalism to potential employers.

“I highly recommend PIHT. The classes are small. The staff is amazing and are always there for you. I love my school so much.” – Cassie Sexton, PIHT Student

Great Career, Great Life

Our students and alumni also have exclusive access to our Career Management Team. Services include:

  • Access to our long-term networks and experience with a variety of employers
  • Individual career advising to students and alumni
  • Personal and professional branding
  • Assistance developing professional documents such as resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, professional references, LinkedIn profiles, etc.
  • Professional interview training
  • Opportunities for on-the-job training in the various fields of study through professional externships

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Scholarships are available for many of our programs and vary by location.