Marley Kamp – Student Highlight

Marley Kamp

Marley Kamp attended Allegany College of Maryland and earned an associate degree in medical assisting.  She had a great experience on campus and enjoyed the staff.  As she was getting ready to graduate, she decided to further her education and pursue a nursing career.  She had been a feeding assistant then a certified nursing assistant since the age of 17, and always knew she wanted to become a nurse.

Up and to the time of graduation, she researched schools to attend in both Maryland and Pennsylvania.  She came across PIHT online and was drawn to all the positive reviews from students, the pass rate for the nursing program, and the small class sizes PIHT offers.

For Marley the best part of PIHT is the small class sizes that are available.  She doesn’t feel lost in the crowd at PIHT.  The family-oriented environment with classmates and instructors provides a positive learning experience.  She also loves the hands-on opportunities she receives on her clinical rotations by performing procedures, administering medications, and assessing patients.  Marley describes her favorite class to be her medical/surgical lab.  She explains that the transition of learning in the lab to applying them at the clinical site is seamless.  She further explained that med/surg lab is very hands on which provides a solid foundation at the clinical site.  Marley described her lab instructors, Amy and Courtney, as always there and available to help and answer questions without any discouragement.  She says the learning environment is patient, positive, and supportive.   Her favorite instructor is Amanda.  She describes Amanda as very approachable and willing to help above and beyond.  Marley loves her teaching style and how she breaks the material down, ensuring her students understand.

Marley’s ideal job is in the fast-paced and split-second decision-making world of trauma nursing.  Her five-year goal is to further her education to become an RN, own her own home, and to have an established career in trauma.

Marley would recommend PIHT to friends and family.  PIHT stands to a very high standard in not only lecture, lab, and clinical, but also, encouragement, support, and real-life preparation for a career in nursing.

Steps to Apply for Admission to the Practical Nursing Program at PIHT

Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology (PIHT) located in Southwestern Pennsylvania offers a direct admission Practical Nursing Program. Direct admission means that you do not have to waste time and money taking extra elective classes allowing most students to complete the program within just 12 months. Enrolling in any nursing program can be a long process. To improve your acceptance chances in a highly sought-after program, you need to be organized and attentive to deadlines.

The purpose of this blog is to help inform you of some of the steps of applying to the direct admission PIHT Practical Nursing Program.

1. Express your interest in the Practical Nursing Program by visiting us online, calling (724) 437-4600 or stopping by our campus.

2. Attend a Career Planning Session to see if you are a good fit for our program. It is important to understand that this program requires a lot of commitment. The practical nursing program requires students to allow 50 hours per week (40 hours of instruction and 10 hours of outside study time) of time to dedicate to the program.

3. Complete Application

4. Potential students will need to request OFFICIAL copies of transcripts from your high school and every college they have attended. Official Transcripts should be requested and sent directly to the admission’s office or brought in unopened. Faxed or emailed transcripts that are not in a sealed envelope from the previous institution will not be accepted.

5. Schedule and study for the TEAS entrance exam.

    •  The exam is taken on campus and is around 3.5 hours long.
    •  Students must achieve passing scores (65 readying, 60 math, 60 english, and 45 science) within two attempts. If you do not pass within two attempts you will need to wait six months before trying again.
    • The TEAS test typically requires 2-3 weeks of preparation and study time. DO NOT WAIT…THE PROGRAM FILLS FAST!
    • Remember passing the TEAS exam does not guarantee a spot in the Practical Nursing Program.

6. If the student passes the TEAS exam (results are provided on the same day), an interview with the Director of Nursing will be scheduled.

7. The student will need to bring their completed Practical Nursing application (which includes two professional references and an essay) to the interview.

8. The Director of Nursing will then decide if the student is accepted.

9. If the student is accepted into the program, the next step is to set up an appointment with financial aid to cover the financial aid process.

10. Complete clearances, immunizations, and disclosure forms which are due prior to orientation.

11. Attend orientation and begin classes.

PIHT Nursing Group



Good Study Habits Can Improve Academic Standings

Students start college, career training or any type of post-secondary education programs with high expectations. Many students envision themselves as being successful in their course work and studying, but they fail to put together a realistic plan, routine and work schedule that will enable them to achieve academic greatness.

PIHT student studying

The following suggestions will help you, not only plan for good time management but also help with improving your academic standings.

Step 1: Prepare a Term Calendar

  • Include high-level activities such as class time and schedules that do not change

Step 2: Prepare a Calendar by Weekly Activities

  • Add in weekly items that need to be completed by each class such as assignments, tests, events, and discussion boards
  • All school activities
  • All out of school and extra-curricular activities
  • Add in your weekly schedule for out of school activities such as work, family events, and extra-curricular activities

Step 3: Prepare a Daily Schedule – Your daily schedule may vary based upon the outcome of each class, changes at work, or changes within your personal life. Pick a day each week (such as Sunday) and prepare your weekly schedule

  • Jot down things that need to be done for the coming day.
  • Write down everything from the prior day that was assigned that may need to be completed within the next day/days.
  • Include any activities from your weekly schedule that need to be included for the next day that was not previously on your calendar.

You will notice that one of the key fundamentals to managing your study time is to start with your overall schedule and then working your way down to the details. A calendar as a whole provides direction and instruction for accomplishing your big picture career and school goals.

Key Factors to Improve Study Habits

  • Establish a study zone that offers a quiet place with little to no background noise and limited interruptions.
  • Take great notes. If you are not good at taking notes yourself, work with other students to share notes. Remember, you do not need to write everything down, just the essential topics or examples that your teacher referenced during class.
  • Get enough sleep! A good night’s sleep is statistically proven to help people better retain and understand information. Most students will say if they get a least eight hours of sleep they feel less stress and are more alert during classes and exams.
  • Prioritize your assignments by due date and time needed to complete the task.
  • Join a study group at your college, career school or institution. Study groups offer several advantages to students because typically each member is assigned a topic and then provides a summary to the group.

The Importance of Career Services

At PIHT, we take pride in the services we offer our students. One of these services and arguably the most important is our career services. We work tirelessly to create employment opportunities for our students and alumni.

Being involved in the community is an important element of our career services program.  Our Career Management Director regularly visits employers as it lets her know who is hiring.  We are also involved with the Fayette Chamber of Commerce where we get to network with other members and learn about the new happenings in the community.  Being involved with the local Career Link office and attending career fairs is also important for career services.

PIHT Career Prep

Another part of our career services program is our Career Prep Class. As part of the career prep class at PIHT, students are required to complete 25 job searches. A majority of the students get hired via this job search.  This job search teaches students soft skills such as reaching out to the employers and asking them if they received their job applications and how to speak professionally to an employer.

We also teach our students how to put together a cover letter. We teach our students that when writing a cover letter they should read the company’s missions statement and be clear about the position they are applying for. We encourage students to use key words within the cover letter that the job description has mentioned along with key words from the company’s mission statement.

We also touch on how to make a good impression. A sharp appearance shows that you are poised, polished, and prepared. Dressing professionally for a job interview is very important as it presents a visual image and sends a message that you are a professional.  When you are dressed professionally it shows the employer that you take the interview seriously and that you feel confident.

In career prep class, we also teach students how to prepare their portfolios.  They should have extra copies of their resumes, cover letters, and references. We also cover the post-interview procedures such as sending a thank you note either via email or note immediately after the interview.

A unique offering at PIHT is that we offer a lifetime of career services. A student who graduated 10 years ago who may have lost their job or may have chosen to leave their job can call PIHT. We will set an appointment with them and review their resume and cover letters and help them find a new career!

Kristen Grimplin – Student Highlight

Kristen Grimplin

Kristen Grimplin attended Penn State-Fayette Campus after graduating high school. She was an active student for a year and a half, had a wonderful experience on campus, and loved the staff. Although she did not complete her education, she will be forever grateful for the opportunity and education obtained. Without that experience, she would not be the person she is today.

After leaving Penn State, Kristen took several months to gather her thoughts. She took a step back and decided to restart at step one. She did not know where to go, or what she wanted to do, she slowly became more active in researching schools and potential career paths. That’s when she looked into PIHT and scheduled an appointment. As soon as she walked into the office and spoke to Kathy Coddington, Kristen knew PIHT was the right path. She liked the overall structure of the school and the student/teacher ratio. She loved that PIHT was family oriented and participated in holidays and special events.

Kristen has always been interested in the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Ever since she was a little girl, she always loved helping and taking care of people. Kristen knew that she wanted to be in the medical field, but since this field is so broad, she did not know what direction to go. She job shadowed in several areas, from ultrasound to dental hygiene, but nothing captivated her attention until she learned about medical assisting. Kristen loves how versatile medical assistants are. They are trained in taking vitals, conducting visual acuity tests, phlebotomy, immunizations and vaccinations, electrocardiograms (ECG’s), and attaining and maintaining surgical asepsis. These examples are just the beginning of what a medical assistant can accomplish in the medical field.

Kristen loves all of the social and holiday events that are held at PIHT. Kristen loves seeing everyone dress up and participate in the annual Halloween costume party. She is very thankful that the staff took time and supplied the students with amazing food on Thanksgiving. She loves the spirit week events during Christmas, especially the door decorating contest.

Kristen does not have a favorite instructor. She believes all of the staff are amazing and intelligent. Her favorite class is her clinical. She loves learning about the human body, and how it functions. She loves being hands-on and performing and learning new tasks. Kristen does not really have an ideal job in mind yet. She is split between a hospital and a physician’s office.

In five years, Kristen would like to have an apartment or house and a stable job that she loves. Kristen wants to enjoy life, be happy, and smile every day.

Kristen would definitely refer PIHT to a family member or friend. Everyone at PIHT treats you like family. As soon as you walk into these doors, you feel welcomed and loved. “You grow through what you go through,” and with the help and support from the PIHT staff, Kristen has found what she loves. Kristen found her career!

Benefits of obtaining an Associate Degree in Medical Assisting

The Medical Assisting Program at PIHT will help you become a more well-rounded professional while working with patients in a fast-paced and challenging environment! If you want to be part of the excitement, consider obtaining your Specialized Associates Degree in Medical Assisting at Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology (PIHT) and start your new career in two years or less.

The 18 month Medical Assisting program offered through PIHT focuses on providing students with hands-on practical experience with less focus on theory and more on hands-on training of the day to day operations within the medical assisting world. Additionally, two-year programs allow students to obtain a degree at a fraction of the cost of four-year school while still receiving the education and training needed to get started in the medical professional world.

MA-Strep Test

Medical assisting professionals are vital within the medical world because their training encompasses a variety of skills to treat patients. Some of the hands-on training offered at PIHT includes:

  • Taking a patient’s vital signs (including blood pressure, temperature, and pulse)
  • Assisting a doctor or nurse with physical exams
  • Checking a patient’s vision
  • Collecting medical specimens
  • Checking a patient’s blood-sugar level
  • Performing certain lab tests
  • Drawing a patient’s blood
  • Sterilizing medical equipment to kill germs
  • Assisting with simple surgeries
  • Giving injections
  • Conducting certain heart tests

Our medical assistant training is also unique compared to other medical assistant programs near cities like Greensburg and Connellsville because we not only provide you with hands-on training in medical procedures and skills but also in medical office work.

Some of the office skills training include:

  • Working with insurance companies
  • Managing an office
  • Scheduling appointments for patients
  • Using computers to do office tasks
  • Understanding medical terms
  • Transcribing (write out) a doctor’s notes
  • Understanding patient privacy issues

Adding these skills to your medical assistant training will help you become a more well-rounded professional and could assist you in being more marketable to potential employers. With our medical assistant training program, you could:

  • Manage a doctor’s office
  • Assist with dialysis for patients with kidney problems
  • Work in phlebotomy
  • Work in a chiropractor’s office
  • Work in a pharmacy
  • Work in a hospital, scheduling patients and overseeing patient records

As part of our medical assistant program’s curriculum, you will complete an externship within your degree requirements. This on-the-job training allows you to apply the skills you’ve learned in your Medical Assisting program to the real world with real people. Additionally, this experience is invaluable and also allows you to showcase your skills to employers in Mount Braddock, Connellsville, Greensburg and throughout the southwestern Pennsylvania area who hire medical assistants.

Not only does our Medical Assisting degree program prepare you to be career ready, but it also prepares you for the National Center for Competency Testing certification exams which can strengthen your appeal in the job market. Some of the certifications our students are qualified to sit for include:

  • National Certified Medical Assistant
  • Certified EKG Technician
  • Certified Phlebotomy Technician


JumpStart Your Medical Assisting Career and Enroll Today

Why we Have Continuous Enrollment? – Are you ready to get started?

OVCT 2018 Grads

Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology (PIHT) offers continuous enrollment. Continuous enrollment benefits all students regardless of if they are looking for their first job after high school or an adult who wants to change the direction of their current career. PIHT’s enrollment period begins every six weeks, allowing students to enroll at their convenience as opposed to a couple of time a year like traditional colleges. New students may only have to wait a few days or weeks to get started. Most students are either straight out of high school or people that have children, families, and financial obligations. When choosing to start a new career, a student may want to begin training as soon as possible in order to get in and out of the program and find the job that suits you best.

Furthermore, continuous enrollment allows our students to focus on starting new classes every six weeks which enables PIHT to provide hands-on training and one on one support. Most students will typically take two to three courses at a time allowing them to focus on course specific topics that continuously provide new fresh content. Also, if a student isn’t comfortable with a particular class, our instructors support the student throughout the entire six-week course.

Not only do students have the capability to enroll quickly and conveniently, but PIHT has staggered graduation times. Staggered graduations let students graduate as soon as they finish a program and start their new career.

If you are looking for a new career in the health and technology field, Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology can help!



What You Need to Know About Financial Aid

An important step in the PIHT enrollment process is going through your financial aid appointment. We understand that this can be overwhelming to some which is why PIHT pairs each potential student a financial aid representative to help guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Below, we break down some elements of the process.

Prior to a student being enrolled at Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will be submitted. On the FAFSA the student can list numerous schools they are considering attending. The FAFSA will ask questions about income, family size, and other factors that will determine which grants and loans a student is eligible for.

FAFSA open date for the 2018-2019 academic year is October 1, 2017, and the federal deadline is June 30, 2019. The academic year 2019-2020 has an open date of October 1, 2018, with a deadline of June 30, 2020. Each state has its own deadline for the FAFSA renewal. A new FAFSA must be completed for each academic year of school. At PIHT, the FAFSA academic year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30 of the following year.

At PIHT we encourage all students to apply for financial aid. Completing the FAFSA will help in determining if the student is PELL grant eligible. FAFSA is required if the student is going to receive student loans. Students should understand that each state may require additional information that is not submitted on the FAFSA.

At PIHT, we encourage students to apply for scholarships through their communities or, if they are employed, through their employers. When a student applies for student aid the FAFSA website will direct them to scholarship information.

Benefits of obtaining an Associate Degree in Medical Office Administration


The Medical Office Administration world is thrilling, fast-paced, and challenging! If you want to be part of the excitement, consider earning your Specialized Associates Degree in Medical Office Administration at Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology (PIHT) and start your new career in two years or less.

The two-year Medical Office Administration program offered through PIHT focuses on providing students with hands-on practical experience and training on the day to day operations within the medical office administration world. Additionally, two-year programs allow students to obtain a degree at a fraction of the cost of four-year school while still receiving the education and training needed to get started in the medical professional world.

Medical office administrators are the members of the medical team who make healthcare facilities run smoothly for doctors and patients alike. This allows physicians, nurses, and other medical staff to focus on the needs of patients. If you want to have a positive impact on people’s lives, gaining your Specialized Associate Degree in Medical Office Administration in Mount Braddock, PA may be a terrific option for you! In PIHT’s Medical Office Administration program, you will acquire the skills to work in a doctor’s office, clinic, and other essential healthcare facilities. Medical office administrators are professionals who are trained in providing customer service, in addition to the following tasks:

  • Managing a doctor’s office
  • Working with insurance companies
  • Working at the admissions desk at a hospital
  • Working as a doctor’s secretary
  • Working as an administrative assistant in any kind of office

Apply to PIHT today start your new career in as little as two years!


Q&A with Allied Health Coordinator – Kelli Workman

Kelli Workman

Kelli Workman

What is your educational background?

My educational background is an Associate Degree in Medical Assisting, Licensed Practical Nurse, and Certified Postsecondary Instructor. All of which I earned at Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology. I am currently enrolled in Westmoreland County Community College and I am working towards earning my RN.

What are some of your prior work experiences?

My prior work experiences are at Flores and Flores Medical Associates, Maxim Healthcare, Henry Clay Villa, and Harmon House Care Center.

What is your current role at PIHT?

My current role at PIHT is the Allied Health Coordinator

Why did you choose to work at PIHT?

I chose to work at PIHT because teaching has been a passion of mine since I was a student. I always enjoyed helping fellow classmates with assignments and studying.

What is your favorite part of working for PIHT?

My favorite part about working at PIHT is the friendly atmosphere and the sense of family among staff. Also, watching the students grow. You watch them come in during orientation and they are nervous and shy. Then as their journey progresses, you observe them transform into confident, self-assured health care professionals. Going through this life-changing event with them is very rewarding.

What, or who motivates you and why?

The things that motivate me the most are my children.  Also, my students, it warms my heart to see them succeed.

The best book I have ever read is “The First Day of the Rest of My Life” by Cathy Lamb. It showcases the empowerment of overcoming emotional and physical pain through traumatic events. It demonstrates that even the darkest times can’t be shadowed by faith, determination, and strength.

I am most proud of my children. They are my world. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

My long term goal is to earn my BSN.