Our History

Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology was established in 1987 to serve the training needs of local students and the staffing needs of area employers. The school offers students the right blend of personalized training combined with modern and innovative classroom technology.

PIHT graduates have often described their experience at the school as being part of a family. The instructors are caring and knowledgeable and work closely with students in a small classroom setting that emphasizes skill development through hands-on training.

Today PIHT specializes in healthcare training programs offering classes in: Practical Nursing, Medical Assisting, and Medical Office Administration. In addition to small classes and hands-on training PIHT offers you a beautiful campus, convenient location, interactive labs, and career services. If you are ready to begin living your future by learning real skills for real jobs in just months PIHT could be the perfect school for you!

“Enrolling at PIHT was such a great decision for me. I found my experience at this school was nothing short of amazing and life changing. Small, intimate classrooms with a staff that knows everyone on a first name basis. So much help at my fingertips at any time I may have needed it and instructors that made learning enjoyable.” – Valarie McCune, PIHT Student

Personalized Attention

Over the many years our small school atmosphere has been the answer for students like you. Both recent high school graduates and adults returning to school for fast hands-on training often describe their PIHT experience as being part of a family.

PIHT also serves employers, government agencies, and non-profits by graduating students with specific nursing and medical skills to become valuable and contributing members of their healthcare teams.

The frequent communication we have with our employer partners allows us to stay current with technological changes and healthcare best practices.

Join our family and start working towards a better more financially secure future!

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